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Best antivirus for Android Smartphone of 2018
02.04.2018 19:18

This year, many new Smartphone were launched with new and modified feature that makes its security more cruicial. We bring to you best antivirus for your Android Smartphone of 2018.

CM security- The cheetah Mobiles, created the CM security. It is the best malware protection providing antivirus. The Cheetah Mobile is a research company that every time, produces trustworthy report on the status of Android platform with respect to the scams. CM Security is a comprehensive and fast antivirus app. Its scan system, detect all kinds of malware and viruses within 5 seconds. It has an amazing power and has been many times rated as the number 1 antivirus software for the android Smartphone.

360 Security- 360 Security that was formerly known as Qihoo is the old and famous antivirus apps that have every feature that will protect your phone completely. It offers a real time protection to the android Smartphone. Its antivirus engine will automatically scans all your apps and file and will update their definitions. Interestingly, every installation whether it’s from Google Play Store or any other source has to pass the safety measures of 360 Security before finding a place on your Smartphone. 360 Security has a system cleaning feature that cleans out the junk files, free the RAM space of unnecessary space taking data, and also saves the battery and power of your Smartphone.

Kaspersky Internet Security- Kaspersky Internet security for PC is the most trusted and loved antivirus software.  The mobile version of the Kaspersky Internet Security, offers the best anti-phishing feature. This software is available in two version, for free and at premium rate. The free version provides the standard malware and virus protection that will fulfil your every need. It also offers the complete ant-theft package. The premium version of Kaspersky Internet Security also offers anti-phishing protection for text messages; it also offers privacy protection for net surfing, and cloud protection.

Malwarebyte Anti-Malware-  The Malwarebyte  is known for being one of the lightweight protection tool for PC. The free android version of the Malwarebyte is easy to use and is the best privacy manager for your Smartphone. Its feature includes protection from malware and virus, privacy manger and scan of the suspiciously behaving app.  The creator of this software has integrated the Android device manager with Malwarebytes and offers the best anti-theft and remote tracking features.

AVL-  The AVL antivirus has an intuitive user-interface. If you are looking for an android antivirus that offers basic protection needs, the AVL is the most recommended software. It has a less impact on your battery and performance when compared to some of the antivirus. It is a clean and lean antivirus.

AVG Antivirus and Security- AVG Antivirus and Security protect your phone Smartphone from virus, malware, spyware, malicious applications or any other possible threat and in real time.  Its feature also permits you to view the status of your applications, settings, files, and more.  AVG Antivirus and Security has an special feature that will close the application that is slowing down your Smartphone process or damaging your battery.



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